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Self, saving, friends, family (am HongKonger)

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(am Hong Kong) Thank you for asking this question because i have a lot to share about it.

There are both pro government (China or HK) and anti government older HKers. Older HKers who support government should be the majority, maybe 7:3. People who participated in China civil war/WW2 and fight for CCP are very supportive to the government. They are about 70 to 90 years old.

For people between 55 to 65, they were children and teenagers during the war time, and they have experienced bad thing during their childhood (hunger, losing family, homeless, keep moving from place to place). They moved to HK due to HK being occupied by British at that time, and is much more resourceful compare to China. They basically went from hell to heaven so they like British government a lot and were willing to serve it (e.g. Joining the Royal Police Force). These group of people are proud to be part of Hong Kong and they are actually anti Chinese government.

Then wars ended, people who are 40 to 50 now were enjoying the quick climbing of Hong Kong economy. They have good future, as long as they are willing to work hard, they can live a good life. They consider themselves as the foundation of Hong Kong economy and business environment. So anyone who damage their hard work are considered to be their enemy. They are most likely pro government or anti protest (not necessarily pro government)

There are a lot of exception, of course. But to answer your questions, it would be important to consider their background.

Edit: I mis-calculate all the years by a bit, so the age range should all be shifted, but the concept still valid.

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I have seen some non-police medic personnel helping a police office who was fainted. It was at the early stage of the protest, no tear gas at that moment, just peaceful marching (iirc that day is the 2 million people march).