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Not exactly a ups employee, but I work for a company that works for ups and we deliver at some areas for them. While the security at UPS in Sweden is supposed to be like a prison, the packages aren't always treated like they are all little princesses. I myself don't treat them like that, but I'm not playing basketball with them. Much depends on how busy the day is. We don't always have time to not throw the package in the car. Sidenote: there are package guidelines, t package is supposed to handle a 1 meter drop etc.

I'm currently at work, driving my route. It's a fairly quiet and slow day today.

If you're frequently ordering things and have the same driver every time, don't be an ass and your package will be treated better.

Oh and if you're on of them who either sell or buy "VEMMA" products or wine or any kind of fluid products , fuck you.