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It would seem that way, but reviewing the footage prior to making your report also allows you time to come up with a positive spin or reasonable explanation for anything in the video that's ambiguous or difficult to make out, even if that's not really what happened.

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Yep! "Theft by conversion" is basically just a specific kind of theft, referring to situations where one has legal access to the item, but not to use it or appropriate it in the way you did. (E.g. legally renting a car and then never returning with it.)

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I'm not the OP, but I would assume it's probably the same process as most stolen cars - reporting to the relevant authorities and hoping it shows up. Unless Enterprise has GPS trackers in every vehicle, which seems prohibitively expensive.

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My van has those roller-lid storage compartments in the console and it seems impossible to get all the gunk out from between each of the slats. Anything I've tried to push in there to scrub it just seems to compact it more. Any suggestions?