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I read the first couple articles you posted and one thing that annoyed me was how they keep giving these contracts to companies with a proven track record of incompetence. Are people trying to fix the requirements for getting these contracts and how likely does that seem? If not are there ways around it? For instance could deloitte sub contract out to an agency that was better suited to the projects? Yes it would waste whatever money doloitte pocketed but at least you'd have a better chance of getting something useful out of it.

I'm a developer although I don't work on health software but it seems like 100 million is way more than you'd need to build something like that. Yes it's been a rush job but people are insanely motivated. And big software projects tend to just get more and more complicated the more people you add. We've seen so many of these giant well funded projects fail in the public and private sectors. I think you'd have a much better chance by giving 25 million to 4 companies and then use the best completed one.

It's good to see that you guys are paying attention to all these technological problems so that we can fix the current vaccination problems. That's obviously more important right now than what I'm talking about. But if we don't look to the future and fix the underlying issues we could easily have the same thing happen again.