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Current Divemaster. There are two types of divers: safe, and those who are easily taken in by marketing ploys to buy additional safety equipment that is totally unnecessary if you follow the basic tenets of the activity of SCUBA.

SpareAir is useful for a dive guide who takes lots of random tourists with unknown experience out on a regular basis, and can't trust those people to think intelligently. There are literally zero circumstances where a diver and his partner (you NEVER dive alone) would need a spare can of air if at least one of them was paying attention.

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I have a lot of “weed trees” like Norway Maple, for example, that are girdling themselves and growing in terrible ways that make them a fall risk to my house. I’d love to replace them with a longer-lived (preferably native) species like Black Tupelo or a Northern Red Oak. The problem is that I don’t have a ton of space, and the location of these Norway’s is really the perfect location for their replacements. I don’t have the luxury of planting even 6 ft in either direction. My arborist says I can just grind the stumps and replant, but I’ve read a lot of conflicting information about reusing a tree site too soon. Any tips or warnings?

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Awesome! Thank you!