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yes - this is a question that is important for many of us, especially those for whom SNF neuropathy is not limited to the feet. If it is non-length dependent or autonomic, then oral would seem to be necessary.

When, if at all, are oral trials expected to begin?

I would assume that dosages for oral may be too sensitive for you to discuss at this point as well.

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Dear katie - for non-length dependent and SNF affecting the autonomic nervous system, are you referring to eventual oral treatment? or parenteral? and if so, I imagine that this could be years away, as trials would be necessary to determine dosage, efficacy and safety?

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so, oral WST-057 may not be feasible? As you state that dosages required for effect may be too high resulting in complications? I understand that this is not a definitive statement and that clinical trials may prove otherwise.

Is Winsantor planning oral clinical trials?