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Hey Joel!

Will there be an invention exchange in the first new episodes of MST3k?

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I've never had an issue with public speaking before. Last summer, I was giving a quick status update in a meeting of 30 people at work, like I do every week. While speaking, I started getting light-headed and couldn't read my writing and fumbled my words and had to excuse myself from the room. I felt embarrassed and worried-- I wasn't sure what it was. The next week, it happened again. I did some googling and found I was having some form of panic attack/anxiety.

Someone has since taken over this speaking responsibility for the most part. I've had to step in and do it a few more times over the months and I've felt those feelings come on lightly and then subdue. The weird thing is, I speak in other meetings and settings without issue. I know it's my own brain doing it, but having a hard time training myself to resolve this issue in this setting. Do you have any tips for situations like this?