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Things will change and evolve throughout the next 12 months but some things to look forward to include but are not limited to:

  • IPFS integration
  • Dat integration
  • More work in our crypto wallet, including being supported on mobile.
  • More platforms supported for Brave Rewards
  • Self serve ads (currently you go through a wait list and sales agents)
  • Maybe a Brave VPN?
  • Better sync, including making it more reliable and adding more sync types.
  • Optional use of cosmetic filters (The kind that doesn't help tracking but makes things look nicer)
  • Other rewards and ads innovation
  • More best in class ad-block work
  • More components moved to Rust which is faster and memory safe
  • We already have dark mode across the board, but we're looking at dark mode content too.
  • I'll stop here, but a lot more. We're picking up the pace.

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There's also WebKit.

We started off being Gecko based, you can see my blog here for a fun read and for the in-depth history on that: https://brave.com/the-road-to-brave-one-dot-zero/

Google probably has too much influence on technologies, but that doesn't mean they have influence over Brave. We aren't dependent on revenue from Google like Mozilla is, and we're not for example removing APIs for ad blockers like they are. We are even adding APIs for some extensions like IPFS that need more power.

We aren't considering switching to Gecko, but never say never. We're also keeping an eye on Servo and WebKit.

I believe we are influencing all browsers though in any case for the better.

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You can check in the Shields icon in the URL bar browser action button when using Brave. After clicking on the Brave icon, click on each headings to see a drill down of the URLs that are blocked. You may need to go to advanced view mode if you're in simple mode.

I'd love to take this a step further to:

  1. Give you detailed information about which trackers are being blocked on the current page.
  2. Give you an overall summary of the things you were saved from in aggregate.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Brave is a private company in terms of not a publicly traded company, it is owned in part by the employees of Brave. As is typical, I don't think we disclose the full list anywhere.

It's worth mentioning though that Brave is an open company, in terms of being open source, having open communication, and valuing transparency.

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Do you like longer page loading page times? How about trackers that harvest your data without rewarding you? Often suffering data breaches that spew your data even further. Do you like Google owning and using all of your data? How about wasting your bandwidth on things that exploit and hurt you? If so, then stay with Chrome; otherwise, migrate your browser data with the click of a button to the Brave browser. You'll never look back.