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How do magnets work?

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Joe, thanks for doing the AMA

You played "The Comic" in the "The Outrageous Okana" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation wherein you taught Data about humor.

  1. What was the experience like on the set?
  2. Were you a Star Trek fan before accepting the role?
  3. If you could replicate any human, who would it be?

Thanks again.

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The bit you did with Conan where you went to the Italian restaurant is one of the funniest things I've seen on the show. How in the world did you keep a straight face through that scene? You played it brilliantly, by the way.

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Kevin, thanks for doing the AMA. Big fan of your work.

I think you have become a master at the long-form interview after listening to KPCS. Do you find it easy to navigate the 2+ hours they often tend to be? Have there been any revelations admitted by guests that took you by surprise?

Thanks again.

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Thanks for doing this AMA. Big fan of the podcast.

If everything was right in the world and there was nothing to complain about, do you think you would complain about not having anything to complain about?

Thanks again!