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bbitmaster7 karma

Have you considered that it could be a neural chemical thing? It is widely known that after ejaculation a large amount of prolactin is released. Prolactin is known to kill dopamine and it's the reason men lose desire after sex. It's not unusual for men to feel lethargic afterwards for a few hours to a few days - perhaps your body is overreacting or has something screwed up related to prolactin or some other chemical.

There's several pharmaceuticals known to block prolactin release, have you considered this (look up cabergoline/dostinex specifically - there are others)?

I've read in some forums some men experimenting with cabergoline recreationaly claiming it completely eliminated there refactory period and they were able to orgasm over and over again. It sounded like quite a drug.

Anyway it's just a thought, and probably something worth trying. Best of luck to you!