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It is a bottle episode and borrows heavily from Hitchcock.


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We have a writer, Hunter Covington, who has an inch on Joel McHale.

This seems a little personal, Maggie.

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They answer this one in the commentaries on the Season 1 DVDs (if I recall correctly). The answer is no, Troy was supposed to be paired up with Chevy Pierce as people with very similar (immature) senses of humor. You can see the first stabs at that in the first few episodes. Troy and Abed developed organically.

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I got a huge envelope in the mail from Nielsen asking my household to start journaling and I was so freaking excited that I could contribute 25,000 or so to your 18-49s...

Sadly, I'm pretty sure telling them that I'm a WASP on their survey got me disappeared; I haven't heard back in months.

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It's very possible that they had a witness or other evidence that was contested by the defense and the judge didn't allow it in (which can be for a wide variety of reasons). Or they decided not to put the victim on the stand?

I'm assuming that they didn't mention it during closing arguments; if they did, then they just thought y'all were idiots.