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I remember when visiting Nepal maybe 15 years ago that there was a temple, I think it was in Kathmandu, that was both a Hindu temple and a Buddhist temple and the two religions co-existed there.

Also it was full of monkeys and a monkey bit me and I had to take rabies shots for a couple of months.

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TIL I have a small skin bridge. I certainly won't cut myself, but at least I'll go to a doctor. Thanks, OP!

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Sorry for hijacking this comment, but I was musing on Assange's current situation at the Ecuador embassy.

He has stated that he would be willing to go to Sweden, provided he is guaranteed to not be extradited to the US; something which Sweden refuses to guarantee. However, extradition laws being what they are, how about Assange "stealing" something from the Ecuadorian embassy, then agree to go to Sweden, and as soon as he steps out the door, Ecuador demands him extradited. According to extradition laws, Sweden would be forced to extradite him to the first country asked, (provided the extradition is granted).

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On the topic of space colonies, how far are we technologically, regardless of cost, from a self-reliant colony?

I'm thinking of something along the line of a giant greenhouse on a planet somewhere.

I do realize that JPL probably does not deal with space colonies, but you guys might know something.

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For the sake of reddit closure, I'll happily smash a key lime pie into my face if /u/Random_hand fails to deliver.

You'll have to remind me though.