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Non-partisan is usually a code word for leans left but wants to claim the moral high ground.

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I like to think I could've been a great baker but if I was a baker I would wish I was an IT guy. I keep my hobbies separate from my occupation and I'm happy.

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This is the problem that has been well-publicized of getting 60 pills and 3 refills for a wisdom tooth extraction.

Holy shit. I got my wisdom teeth out about 12 years ago and was given no pain meds. I was told to take ibuprofen and sleep it off but that I could go to work that afternoon (which I did.) Maybe that was too extreme in the other way but are people really getting 240 pills for a wisdom tooth?

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And then Steve Jobs is on that list and he didn't technically invent anything.

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If you live in Western MA, anything east of Worcester is Boston. If you live in Boston, Western MA is an uninhabited wasteland.