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Marc, thanks for keeping me company on my daily commute.

  1. I'm coming to your Milwaukee show. My wife can bake her fucking ass off. Would you like: A) Peanut butter chocolate brownies, B) chocolate brownies with mint frosting, or C) chocolate ginger snaps?

  2. If you could interview 5 dead comics, who would they be? I've composed that list in my head for you a few times. I'd strongly consider including Kinison, just to hear shit go down.

  3. I used to do comedy, and now I work advertising. Please insult me! It would mean a lot.

  4. Where did you used to live in Astoria? I lived at 40th and Astoria Blvd for a while. Just curious.

That's all. See you in Milwaukee. I'll be the midwestern-looking guy with a beard.

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Thanks for doing this!

  1. Do you have any albums that you recorded/engineered that you will listen to, just for pleasure?

  2. Would you agree to "House Full of Garbage" being used on an episode of Hoarders? What inspired you to write this song? Do you, yourself, have a hoarding problem? Even if it's only with microphones?

  3. Do you use a digital voicemail system or an analog answering machine?

  4. Is there a new Shellac album in the works?

  5. Now, an anecdote. Right when 1000 Hurts came out, I was playing jazz piano every week in a Brooklyn club. I'm a fan, and I started covering "A Prayer to God." Not in an ironic, "I’m doing a silly jazz version of this rock song" sort of way, but in a faithful, "I love this song and I am shouting until my throat hurts" way. It always brought down the house. One night, a lady got so into it, she let out a primal scream and shattered a beer bottle by throwing it against the wall. I just thought you should know that.

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Teacher = What-the-fuckulty.

Been waiting to hear that one in the intro.

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Ever tried New Haven pizza? Pepe, Sally's, etc. It's the best I've had in the world, including Italy, and it has spoiled me for pizza elsewhere.

It's worth booking a Shellac show there, if only for that reason. Plus, if you want, you can continue a great New Haven rock tradition by getting maced backstage by a cop in a shower stall, Jim-Morrison-style.