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As someone who has been to Tokushima-ken many times, that makes me very sad! Try coming for Awa Odori time. It's the second largest festival IN THE WORLD. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Awa_Odori

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There is a term for this: demisexual! Welcome to the demiclub, I'm your demihost and here's a demidrink!

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Sweet I'll definitely be there! I hope you have an awesome time, Awa Odori IS THE BEST.

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It also depends on who loaded the container. If it was shipper load and count, as in you are the shipper, under COGSA and Hague Visby ruling the steam ship line is no liable for physical damages, except for water damage, on a shipper load and count container. This is because it is the shippers responsibility to properly stow, block, and brace cargo. Get someone who knows what they're doing when they're loading the cargo. And documentation. Keep records and file any claims for damages with in 3 days of receipt.