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First of all, the obligatory Thanks For Your Service.

I served in The Navy aboard USS America (3 1/2 deployments) and also did some carrier quals on USS Eisenhower. I wasn't Ship's Company, I was Air Wing. I just wanted to say thanks for this AMA. It brought back a few fond memories.

My questions to you. What ship are you serving on? What ports have you visited? Do you plan to make it a career? I served a bit over 9 years. One of my regrets is not staying in to retirement however, I still work closely with DOD in my current job and couldn't be more fulfilled with my life choices. Military service was one of the best things that I ever did with my life.

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Great AMA! I just read the whole thing!

I use Linux Mint Debian Edition as my primary OS, and various other distros for my servers on my home network (I've been a Linux user since the late 1990's). I do have to use Windows for work, and if I do need to use a Windows application at home I run Windows 7 in a VM.

I'm curious as to what type of security you use on your servers. IPtables rules? TCPwrappers? SSH with keys?