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So is using fake sounding words a strategy in comparative games? Like using a word that looks absolutely fake just to get your opponent to lose a turn?

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Can you blame them though? It's a lot easier to kill when you don't think of them as people. As long as he didn't treat them like animals after the war I think it would be pretty normal to still have a bit of resentment.

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For me it’s not a question of if there’s other life out there, it’s a question of how much other life there is out there. Is life super common or is it relatively rare? How advanced are other life forms? There are only a few intelligent species on earth and humans are the most advanced by quite a bit, is that consistent with the rest of the universe? Like someone else said, the universe is very young, so are we a very early species or were there many before us? How about biology, are other life forms similar to us in that regard? It seems unlikely that we’re the exception but who knows

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No, she said she's ann

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Why can't they produce the enzyme you're missing and have you take that in pill form, similar to those pills you can take for being lactose intolerant?