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Thanks for doing this. I've always been fascinated by Motorcycle Clubs.

What is your biggest regret from your time in the club?

On the flip side, what is your greatest memory?

Is there anything you'd do differently, if you had the chance to repeat it?

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Hi Rou,

Was there ever a point after you made the decision to form your own label rather than sign for anyone that you doubted your decision? What was your thought process during that time? It was a pretty major decision you guys made at such a young age, I'm curious how you guys handled it and what made you go the way you did.

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Do you have any plans to port the game to any other platform?

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A great response, thank you. I bet being able to carry the Olympic torch was an incredible experience.

I agree with you, nothing is truly a mistake as long as we learn and grow from it.

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Downvoted for this reason. Bit silly really.