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Is it possible to become president without 'owing' favors to numerous powerful special interests? (eg. tobacco, insurance, banking, satan)

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The success rate would be low. WOW. I know I will get down voted and I don't give a shit. Go ahead, give up. Yeah chemo is absolutely fucking hell and torture, but there is a chance you will live, start a family, change the world. But fuck trying. People go through chemo and are in constant pain and torture and die. And then some beat the cancer and live. If you don't care enough about your life to at least try then you don't deserve it.

Look at a guy who is paralyzed from the neck down and has no chance of walking ever again. He would give anything to hold his wife or children. ANYTHING.

I can never understand the pain and suffering you're going through, but it is human nature to fight the odds and persevere.

PLEASE do the chemo. PLEASE take the pain. PLEASE try. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE X infinity.

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Any interesting drama between employees? Customers? Weird regulars? Mysteries? On-going story lines?

Just your darkest arcade secrets if you don't mind. Walls of text preferred!