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wut? is this even a thing? is this a trick question? is this a non-relational database thing? What is the purpose of using foreign keys recursively? and would that even be true recursion?

I'm assuming this is a situation where we set a foreign key as a reference to the table it's in. So we could do something like user.createdBy referencing the user.userId of the user who created this new user. I don't understand why this would be called 'recursive' though. Sure the table references itself, but the objects stored in the table don't necessarily reference themselves.

Ignoring the notion that this user case doesn't make sense of recursion to me, I would say that it's used to prevent tables from having data within them that doesn't reference previously existing data.

but what really does this mean? It's not truly recursive right? It can't be for the same reason we don't have arrays as a data type in sql. right?

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Why did you think it was acceptable to url inject yor coinbase referral URI into visiters ofthat site using of your browser? What implications do you think this has on how brave is seen privacy wise?

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Oh, okay. Makes sense. When do I start?

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Do you ask different questions or look for different skills or qualities between graduates of 4-year degrees vs bootcampers vs self-taught? How do you tailor your interview process between the three types of education?