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That's a great idea. We'll share it with our team! It's definitely something we can keep in mind if our customers would be interested.


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We want to offer our customers the best bang for their buck, so we chose not to add a lid since it does not affect the cleaning quality of the product. Including a lid adds quite an increase to the overall cost of our powder cleansers. Storing your BKF powder products in dry, non-humid areas can help decrease the chance of humidity collecting in the can.

We've seen users use wet cat food lids, silicon lids, pringles can lids, and sandwich bags with a rubber band... we have a very creative fanbase! (:

Also, let your grandpa know we say hello and thank you for the support over the years!


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Ha! That legit made us laugh. 😄

Well... for what it's worth, you aren't necessarily wrong. For years, folks learned about Bar Keepers Friend primarily through word-of-mouth. If we're being honest, that's often still the case. It wasn't until 2010, when Chrissy (BKF's Director of Marketing) started a Twitter account after Paul SerVaas (BKF's President & CEO) asked if SHE had a Twitter account. "Yeah, I've got a Twitter account. I use it to follow Chris Daughtry" (I think she's still a huge fan. LOL) is what she told Paul. It was there that BKF's social media presence was born. Soon came a BKF Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

For the longest time, Chrissy would personally monitor our social media pages and answer everyone's questions. Of course, with her being the Controller, she needed some help with managing that content and evolving those marketing efforts. Around 2017, BKF brought in an outside marketing firm to manage our website, create content calendars, run digital ads, and so on. At the very end of 2019, BKF determined it would be best to take full ownership of the brand and move its marketing efforts in-house. It was at that time that *I* was hired on to develop strategies and build out a marketing team.

We don't really do any print or billboard advertising (never say never), as we recognize digital is one of the primary ways to reach younger audiences. And by younger audiences, I really mean people my age - within the 35-45 age bracket. Before launching our marketing efforts in-house, most of our audience was comprised of folks 65 years of age and older. Now it's around the 30-45 years - and we've got younger folks learning about us too!

Anyway, that's a little history for ya. I go on and on all day about our department's history. 🤣 Thanks so much for writing! -Felicia

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Dirty sinks and stoves. And Dry January (jokes, of course LOL)


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That's a fantastic question!

Despite being a globally recognized brand (with our fans, of course), we're STILL a small, family-owned business with a small, and relatively new marketing team. While we're provided with a solid marketing budget (in my humble opinion), we're also not a major conglomerate that can drop several thousand dollars on a whim. That being said, it's important for us to carefully allocate where our dollars go. A question I often ask myself is "Is the juice going to be worth the squeeze?" If I'm able to say "yes," then we can often times move forward.

In regards to this AMA, this was a no-brainer. While this is a "scheduled AMA," it cost us a whopping $10 to get us on the schedule. If there was a low to zero engagement, then heck, we're only out $10 - and we're not out too much time because we don't have to answer that many questions. LOL.

Thankfully, it looks like our AMA was a pretty darn big success. We didn't have any specific metrics we were looking out for, as much as we wanted to engage with existing fans (Reddit has a HUGE cleaning community!) and hopefully capture the attention of newbies. Our brand is VERY new to Reddit - and truthfully, it was a matter of experimentation. I guess that's the cool thing about being a small (and new) marketing team. You're encouraged to experiment and see what works and what doesn't.

If this Reddit AMA reengaged people somehow, got folks to look at our other products or inspired them to tell their friends, it's 100% worth the time. Thanks for asking, u/Jets237! -Felicia