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Karen, you don’t believe how much your efforts on Twitter are helping. I have been born and raised in Saudi Arabia, although I’m from a neighboring country. My brother got a call on the 25th of November asking him to get out of the house as they wanted to investigate with him about something. He agreed, he’s still in solitary confinement up to this moment, it’s been devastating for me and my family, we only get a call from him once a month. Please please, focus on the issues of those who have been jailed in the past year, 95% of them are innocent. Could you please mention them?

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Thanks for your reply, and sorry for my poor English. I have lots of information not only about my brother, but about the group that is currently still jailed with him, I have so much information and I’d be more than happy to share them with you. I’m writing from inside Saudi Arabia, so I’m always in danger because of discussing this issue that’s why I’m also writing from a throwaway account. Please message me if you’re interested to know more. I will literally do anything to help my brother and the innocent people in jail.