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A lot of foster children are severely fucked in the head. Most of these children have been hurt and damaged. Not just by the families they were born into but often also by the families they were put into. These kids who have been abused the extent that the person in Nizzzleson's story usually bounce from home to home, being 7 dayed (As in the family tells the social worker that they can longer care for the child and a 7 day notice is given) at every turn. This just causes more issues. By the time they reach a loving and caring family (If they ever do), it's a disaster. They rebel and have a hard time functioning, generally doing awful things. They don't know how to act. I understand your question but what are you supposed to do with someone like this? Put them in a group home? Sometimes that is the best option. But when you find a family willing to work with the child and the system to better the kids life, you should take it. These children can change and while some don't, a lot do. That most likely won't happen if they are put in a facility where they'll probably be drugged. Obviously this happens in foster homes not just group homes but from my experience it happens in group homes more. While the medication is sometimes needed, it usually isn't. I was put on so many different medications (Sometimes at the same time) it was hard to function. I wasn't even a severe case but it happened to me. I've seen more severe cases in the various homes I was in and it was much worse. Medication just numbs these kids and they can't work through their problems. If you lock them up in facilities, it will be much harder for them to adapt to a normal life. Families like the one Nizzleson was a part of saved me and a lot of the other kids I knew/know. Maybe the family should have watched them a bit better, but the molestation sounds like it happened at school so they had no control over that situation. As far as the damaged property and all that, most foster parents know what they're in for because a social worker will brief them about the child.

Sorry if the wording of this is awful but I felt like I could give some insight to you even though I'm almost falling asleep. I apologize if it doesn't make sense or I didn't answer your question adequately.

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