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barbellsandbacon8 karma

Hi Delores, I think organizing is great, and I wish you and your members well.

My question is, will the organization provide education to the drivers to improve their cabs and services? I love visiting the city, but getting a cab to/from the airport is the one point of stress for me every single time.

As a frequent visitor to New Orleans, I've experienced:

  • drivers who try to turn on the meter rather than charge me the flat fee from the airport to CBD. Even when they do charge the flat fee, they often try to sneakily tack on a dollar or two.

  • smelly, hot cabs with no air-conditioning, or a driver who refuses to turn on the air.

  • drivers who drive barefoot (not illegal in LA, just gross for a service provider).

  • drivers who give me a blank "receipt," which I'm supposed to fill-in myself (which our expense department doesn't recognize).

...and more.

Clearly not all drivers are dishonest or unhygienic, but I can't remember a single visit where I didn't have an issue on at least one leg of the trip. What does the organization intend to do to help improve conditions for passengers?