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Hey Chloe,

Thank you for doing the ama.

I recently moved to Canada from india and ,being a 32 year old brown guy, I feel that Indian males don't have a good reputation with females from other races since people tend to think that we are creepy due to what they see in the news and from their general experience.

My other Indian mal e roommates have expressed the same feelings.

Is our perception correct ? Do north american Women find Indian men to be least favorable ?.

All the best for your business, you seem to be helping out a lot of guys out there. Keep up the good work.

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It's sad really , I do think there are few people who can see past this, but the majority are biased .

This is one of the ways Asian men feel racism , it's very indirect and insidious. Oh well , we don't live in a perfect world as people like to push their own agenda on each other.

Thanks for your reply and offer to help.

I will definitely email you.

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Thanks for sharing your insight. This is something that I am working on , but my anxiety gets the better of me and Iam not able to connect with people. I have tried volunteering and have met a lot of Canadians but I haven't formed any lasting relationships .

Iam sorry that you experienced this.

Part of the reason why this happens alot is because Indian population is huge and our society is largely patriarchial so women are considered to be inferior and not as equals. as a result, many Indian men feel entitled to women . This combined with lack of social skills and the way western culture is viewed in India , Indian men tend to think American women are easy.

Of course, there are exceptions to this .

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Hi ,

First of all thanks for doing this AMA and thanks for providing clear and succinct answers for all the questions.

Iam a 31year old male from a culture which is extremely sex negative and misogynistic and I grew up and lived in it till my late 20 and then I moved to Canada.

I have never explored my intimate side since I was made to think that having any kind of relationship with women before marriage is a terrible thing. Due to this I never had any sort of relationship with women during my formative years. I never even used to talk to them.

Now at my age , iam really struggling with this since I have little to no avenues to meet other women. And most of the women my age seem to be very mature interms of intimacy and as a result I feel like iam left behind .

Could you please tell me how to establish healthy relationship with women Given that I never had any relationship with them all my adult life?