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banestraitelbov16 karma

Hi Keith! Big fan, thanks for all the info you provide in your channel!

I recently purchased a property that includes 2/3 acres of rather dense forest with tall trees, in zone 7a. I absolutely don't want to remove any of the trees in this forest, but was wondering if there is some way to still potentially grow some food there - any suggestions on what I can grow that would work well under almost full cover? There is wildlife that often visits this forest as it is not fenced, and I honestly don't mind sharing the food I grow here with them.

banestraitelbov8 karma

This is amazing advice! I will definitely first look into creating glades without removing trees, and if not, perhaps replacing a few trees at a time with fruit producing trees is something I can digest!

Follow up question, the forest area also has a lot of vegetation growing at the base of the trees - any idea on what I can replace this with? I'm looking for something that will produce food and also survive in almost full shade.

banestraitelbov3 karma

Understood, thank you!