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Thanks for sharing your story!! My uncle (54yo) is currently waiting for a lung transplant. He's been on the list for about two years. The first week of December he was careflighted down to Stanford Medical to receive his transplant. As they were prepping him for surgery, they cancelled the operation because they couldn't use the organ.

The nurses seemed unphased, because transplant recipients have "dry runs" for their transplant? I know things happen, and I'm glad they're only using the right organ for transplant to ensure a successful surgery. I've been to a few of his appointments, but it still seemed bizarre that they were okay with it. I realize medicine is a different world to work in.

His listed primary caregiver is his partner's daughter. She didn't go get him after the canceled operation, but I did. He needed oxygen tanks and I ended up spending 12 hours driving to the hospital to get him, and then from the hospital to our hometown. While we were driving he asked if I would go with him next time he's called for the operation, and help him post-op. My brother and I have been taking my uncle to his monthly checkup appts at Stanford for the past several months.

It's now been about 2 months since the "dry run transplant" happened.. and I honestly thought he would find another donor sooner. And I fight with myself for having thoughts like this, because I realize the donor is a person also..a person with family and friends. My uncle has the best disposition in the world, he's so positive and grateful for being here another day. He is seeing counselors also. I'm struggling with the emotions though.

Having gone through the transplant process twice, how do you mentally prepare? Or I guess, how do you handle the waiting and the massive uncertainty? Do you have any suggestions on how I can be more considerate with my uncle while he goes through this?

My parents both live out-of-state, my uncle, brother, grandma and I live in the same state. The hospital is out of state, a 5 hour drive away, if there's no weather or traffic.

I appreciate your time, and your advice!

And congrats on making it to university!

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Thank you so much! I've been so much more concerned for him that I haven't really been thinking about how I'm processing it. Those are awesome suggestions, I appreciate it!!