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(used to work at all women's gym near Boston). I had to call the police one time because two women got into a physical fight. OVER A SPOT IN A ZUMBA CLASS. seriously. one woman stood in a spot where this other women usually stood...

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I used to work at an independently-owned all-women's gym near Boston. The owner didn't pay herself any money (her husband made enough for them both), but the gym definitely struggled at times, even though we had anywhere between 500 and 1,000 members. We used to BANK on the new years rush to hold us over during the year, especially once they stopped coming and never cancelled. It is definitely a thing, and it's a pain for everyone else, but usually by the end of January the gym was always back to normal.

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Hi Hugh! Your books are honestly some of the best I have ever read. I stumbled upon Wool and was so blown away that I recommended it to everyone I know.

My favorite of your writing is actually the Hurricane. You made me care about those characters in so few pages, I felt like I was really in that story.

My question: are any of your characters based on your personal life experiences? I would assume probably not so much in Wool or Molly Fyde, for obvious reasons... but maybe the Hurricane? The Plagiarist?

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are you my ex-boyfriend? you look just like him!