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we still are fine with not having running water

You mean public water, right? Certainly you have a well that provides running water, and, hopefully, a septic tank for gray and black water, right?

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China is in no way Marxist. Cite: I live here.

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Ah, so the concerns about a police state aren't without merit? We may not be the Third Reich yet, but you say, "When people realize that the politicians they vote for and write to to oppose the police state are the very people building it, it's usually too late." So you agree that we're on the way to a police state?

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I live in China. At a restaurant near the Yellow Mountain I had fantastic lemon Chicken. Just like the lemon chicken one would expect at an American Chinese restaurant. Its name on the Chinese-language-only menu: "American Chicken" ("meishi jirou" or something like that).

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Ah, this is what ultimately broke up my co-worker's marriage. He's an engineer, and she's ATC at DTW working crazy, weekend hours.

You're right about the money. He's a degreed engineer, and she's high school off the street. She's the one who will pay child support for 50:50 custody!