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  1. How did decide when was the best time to leave? 2. How long did you estimate that it would take?
  2. Was there any romantic activity between you and George on the trip and if either of you were not single, how did your s.o. feel about you being in a boat with someone else?
  3. What was the plan in case something horrible happened?
  4. How much weight did you lose by the time you were done?
  5. Were you noticeably stronger after rowing for ~60 straight days?
  6. How'd you poop and pee and what'd you do with the toilet paper?

ballseniormouth3 karma

You posted how to donate so that you could allegedly get your dog sooner. If you’re going to be asking people for financial assistance, then expect those same people to have serious questions that require hard evidence so they know they’re not just throwing their money away to a scammer. I saw that you don’t want to share your medical records, cool, but then give us something besides a picture of you laying down.

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How come we never see any morbidly obese mermaids?

ballseniormouth2 karma

What’d you do with the $1425 that your gofundme page raised two months ago? You haven’t updated the page since you got all that money.