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This is one of my favorite pictures on the internet.

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Is there a lip liner for all lipstick colors? (like a clear one or something ?) I wouldn't be able to afford to buy lip liner for all my lipsticks.

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hey, so I wonder if you can go to sleep again in your lucid dreams? like, put yourself back in bed and relax in your dream? I'm trying to think of ways of "tricking your brain" or "go with the flow" as our conciousness seems to respond better. maybe you can imagine yourself being wrapped in white light or as a baby sleeping in your mother's arms. like fostering relaxation, while not "rejecting" what your brain is doing (being lucid)

I'm not an expert, I feel for you and I can't imagine how exhausting that must be. wishing you the best of luck.

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do you have any tips for anyone who experiences sleep paralysis but not lucid dreaming, to get to lucid dreaming? I always wake up when I realize I'm paralyzed. I figured being aware in paralysis could be a step towards being relaxed/aware of dreamibg

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oh wow, yeah... have you done the formal sleep study? I'm wondering if you go through the sleep phases normally or not.

I know you're suffering but posting about it leaves evidence, and maybe someone who has this same thing can feel less alone, or even help researchers medically legitimize what's going on with you later.