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Absolutely. This is one of the best answers I've ever seen from someone in a political position. Admitting you do not know and opening up a conversation about a subject is not weakness, it is the roots of a strong society.

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As someone who uses nicotine (vaping) as a way to help with mental health (See these articles for pros and cons), I cannot accept this explanation. Smoking has been proven to be bad. Nicotine can be useful in some situations. Conflating the two is not acceptable. Please give this issue much more thought and research before creating legislation.

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This was my take as well. It very much rewards polarizing behavior. The comments are only a reflection of this, not the problem. It is not an easy problem to solve but this does not appear to be the solution.

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Hello Professor and thank you for taking this time. As a professional that works in marketing and a person who suffers from mental illnesses, it is often disheartening for me to see so much valuable research and findings be easily made available for use by companies for marketing and consumer exploitation while it is so difficult for those who are struggling to find information that could be beneficial to living their lives more freely. What are your thoughts on this, and do you think there are ways we could change the system to better benefit individuals needs directly?

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Thanks much for your insightful answer.