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I am also someone who has lost and maintained the loss of a significant amount of weight. I started with simple calorie counting using my fitness pal without any other lifestyle modifications. After a while I started to make other modifications based on my findings. I saw that a significant portion of my calories were coming from added sugars so I cut back to the recommended daily allowance. It's also just a fact that if you want to eat more food on a calorie restriction fruits and veggies are your answer so my intake of those naturally increased. I'm currently intermittent fasting as well for the metabolic benefits as I have a strong family history of metabolic diseases.

I truly believe that the most helpful thing someone can do is come face to face with the cold hard facts of what you're eating daily. Most people think they lead a relatively healthy lifestyle, but when you have to write that down in black and white many times it tells a different story.

I don't know if you listen to podcasts, but there is one called Gastropod that has a very informative episode on calories. Good luck with everything, : ).

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I had heard somewhere that it is incorrect to call Vikings Vikings. That viking is a verb and so Norsemen would 'go viking'. Is this correct?

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I see people willing to blame absolutely everything on the ACA. What do you find are pt's most common misconceptions?

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I've always wondered how they manage timing for appropriately temperatured food; hot food hot, cold food cold. Do you have any insight as to how they achieve this?

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So when there are still a relatively large number of contestants, do they stagger out their time limits? Or is everyone done at the same time and they just have to hope everything stays the right temp while they wait for the judges? Taping all of the judges commentary and reactions must take quite a while when judging the dishes. This always struck me as a huge disadvantage.