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Nicaraguan here as well, but I only have experience with the capital. Eat some gallo pinto for me!

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I went through two psychiatric holds that totaled 6 days. It is easily the most important event of my life due to how it changed my outlook on nearly everything. The cop who took me in the first time asked me out on a date while we waited for the doctor to take me in. The second time I went I refused the sedative because of how awful I felt the next time. You’re never really the same after it happens, and I wanted to say I completely sympathize with you.

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You say Yemen is at the center of ongoing operations. How long has it been like that? Did it move to Yemen after the death of Bin Laden?

Western media says that the number 1 and number 2 of Al Qaeda are Zawahiri and Al Libi, but speculate that they're hiding in Afghanistan or Pakistan. Do the Yemeni operations even listen to these supposed leaders when they're reportedly so far away from each other?