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This is a great answer, but the issue still feels confusing. What are the top three tangible things that would need to change for a swimmable harbor by 2020? e.g. what legislation or what behaviors exactly? Thanks for sharing and giving insight into a complex topic!

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Love it! Mr. Rampart himself is a huge fan/supporter of Baltimore - having invested in the great restaurant the Black Olive: http://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/blog/charm-city-flavor/2014/07/woody-harrelson-visits-his-newly-acquired-inn-at.html

That said, you should give him some AMA tips next time he swings by the harbor...

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Great to see this AMA! A huge fan and supporter of Mr. Trash Wheel and the Waterfront Partnership's work to help clean up my hometown Baltimore. A few questions:

1) What are the unique challenges and advantages of working in Baltimore?

2) Preventing trash from running into the harbor is key, but how can we go about cleaning up the mess that is already there?

3) Will there ever be a special someone in your life, perhaps a Mrs. Trash Wheel?

4) What are your thoughts about the new guy Trash Wheel looking to move into Canton?

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Bravo to reddit savvy Wheels! Name checks Rampart AND uses Imgur to host pictures!