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There's a huge stigma attached to going to college because you're "going to learn the white man's ways" and are "leaving your people behind."

:(. Are you working to reverse this thinking? What percentage of high schoolers on your reservation go to a 4 year college? Do the high schools have programs encouraging going to a 4 year?

And how many of those high school seniors join the military? I would imagine that's frowned upon too? (contrast this to the Samoans)

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One of the rarest tabs in the Army. Kudos friend. -2LT bp

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twinkie for asian

source: I get that a lot

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As a guy that works on PTC systems/loco data logging systems(aka black boxes for locos) a large percentage of our logs taken from our units after derailment show driver error as the cause.

edit: /u/still_trippin88 brings up a great point(I was on my phone when I posted this first so I was unable to explain anyway). Major freight disrupting and injury causing derailments are not THAT common. It's normally a perfect storm of mistakes that leads up to one. However, our logger more often than not catches things the driver could've done better but did not due to a whole host of events, most often being poor training. Sometimes,however, it is plain carelessness/inattention (like Chatsworth) or stupidity. I work hard to make sure that drivers cannot make those careless or stupid mistakes. I cannot fix the weather, poor track maintenance or poor training.

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yup,looking at this list of rail accidents from 2010-2013 there were 8 incidents in North America involving crude oil carrying tank cars in 2012 and 2013 including Lac-M├ęgantic which is quite a few considering there were none before 2012