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I can't imagine who or why people elsewhere do it any other way.

I also tell people that mail in ballot voting doesn't lead to election fraud. Poor registration procedures do. We've got it down to make sure people registered are legal to vote.

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I always drop off my ballot. Things can change in the couple weeks since they are printed/delivered and election day.

Can't get a sticker when you mail it, either. :)

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Not virus related, and maybe more geared towards federal, but since you were my Rep in Congress, I thought I'd ask...

What is the possibility to get all housing vouchers replaced with the "good" ones which allow you to pick your housing? I'm stuck in a place with a voucher which is "location based" so I can't move. And believe me, this place knows that. Removing these vouchers which are owned by the property and giving them to the people to use elsewhere would improve things across the board.

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I'm curious about that too. Does he mean hemp being farmed now is primarily being used to produce CBD? I could see how that's taking away from other uses.

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Not only are those guys no joke, but I feel they are one of the strongest voices out there for legalization.