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The answer to your question comes in two parts. First, hydraulic fracturing to extract oil has existed since the mid-1800's though not as deep as you know today.

Second, it's mostly credited to a man named George Mitchell. This is the same guy who created the master planned community - The Woodlands - north of Houston. He thought energy companies could use fracking to reach independence from foreign sources but not many people took him seriously. So he was like, fuck you guys, and just started doing it in the 80's. Turns out he was right.

EDIT: I love that I'm getting downvoted for this. Like people are thinking, "I want the truth to be different. I JUST WANT THE TRUTH TO BE DIFFERENT!"

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It’s not perfect, but switch to a vape like Juul and then quit. Fucking walk in the park compared to cold turkey.

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Legit took me two days to switch over. Took my friend one session of using it. And they have lower nicotine pods now, so it’s easier to “step down” in a way. Godspeed bud.