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Besides Tim suddenly playing it at a concert, did he have any role in the making of The Nights?

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The things I want to ask/talk about are related to Reddit but are not allowed to talk about on Reddit. Anything I can do?

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A friend of mine has been depressed on and off for the last 5 years, and on top of that he has basically no immune system. He is the most socially engaged person I know, so these things combined with covid, he is even more depressed, and I fear he might try suicide attempt (again). My friends and I don't know if we should welcome him to our social irl arrangements. If he gets covid, he might die from it. If we avoid him, I fear suicide.

We're all a large group of gamers and for now we've been trying to play as much as we could with him online, group talking with him for hours every day, sometimes with webcams. But he's expressing that's not enough. Whenever the others of us arrange a social meeting and he hears about it and he isn't invited, he gets sad. Should we invite him to our trips to restaurants and parties? Should we keep all our arrangements a secret to him and hope he doesn't put two and two together when none of us are online all of a sudden? Or should we tell him directly he isn't welcome to our i door arrangements as long as covid is at large?