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Can you comment on the status of recreational MJ in Washington DC?

There are many people that appear to openly sell MJ under initiative 71 as a "gift." What is the case law where individuals have said "Hey, I was just "donating" to get a "gift" and not purchasing MJ".

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Since 2007 and the transition to widespread use of mobile devices (e.g., introduction of the iPhone), what are the biggest changes in mate selection behavior that you have observed?

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Because people like the OP cash in on it.

By and large, when it comes to losing weight, caloric balance (intake vs. expenditure) is the single greatest predictor of weight loss. Period.

Every new "fad" diet works via this mechanism (caloric deficit), its just repackaged in a different form to sell more books.

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Why does receptionist AI still totally suck?

Any time I'm told to "press 1" or "say a command" I know I'm in for it.

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What is your primary outcome measure to define "success," and have you published any of your findings in peer reviewed journals?