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Nah, man. Brownies.

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Sounds like the cells are angry or are having a hard time regenerating.

Solid science, there.

We all have a fatal condition, it is called life.

OP has an actual disease and you're giving idiotic platitudes? Shut up.

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Husband is a JDC worker (/u/shouter).

Kids who are MR (mentally retarded) sometimes show up in a JDC, and clearly don't fully understand what they did wrong, or why it was wrong. It's difficult to see those kids, because the workers know that the kid would be better place with a different type of care facility. But they committed a crime and got caught, so they end up at the JDC.

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But not equally, which is important to keep in mind. Advisors, adjuncts, etc., are not paid a ton. Deans and VPs rake it in, but the ones who work with students on a daily basis? Not so much.

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Awesome currency.