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Would you consider further education to improve your writing/communication skills? Your self-teaching has worked out well for your financial and software acumen. But I think that Gates, Jobs and Zuckerberg are excellent communicators in addition to being technical leaders. If you went to a bad high school, it can hurt your communications skills.

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Yeah, he writes like I did when I was 13.

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"I did not have to go to college. I won." Well his points about the cost of college in the U.S. are spot-on. But college is not just about education or job skills - it's about growing up. My university-educated friends are well-rounded, erudite, and great people to talk to. My friends who went to work at 18 are great people, but somewhat two-dimensional in their outlook and politics.

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From what I understand, planting trees in northern / temperate zones provides a minimal carbon offset - most of the deforestation is happening in the tropics (Brazil, and Indonesia / Malaysia to produce palm oil). What are you doing to plant trees in the tropics, or to dissuade clear-cutting in those countries?

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How do we ensure that both the Palestinians and Israelis have a fair hearing on campus with neither being drowned out with calls of "anti-semitism" or BDS?