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What exactly was illegal about his actions? If Obama had the authority to make those areas unavailable to drilling, doesn't the next President have the authority to reverse that decision?

I looked on your website for info about why it's illegal, but all that seems to say is "artic drilling is bad, mmkay".

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I recently finished "With the Old Breed" by E.B. Sledge. I thought it was a very informative book, and it certainly opened my eyes to some of the lesser-reported events of the Pacific Theater and the horrific conditions the Marines faced.

Just wanted to say congratulations on your own book release. I will certainly be ordering it, and I genuinely appreciate the trouble folks like SGT_Ludwig and yourself go to in order to give folks like myself a limited understanding of the realities of war.

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He strikes me as the type of dude who carries a bowie knife in his boot

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Tom Ashbrook also has an uncanny ability to translate crazy ranting into a sensible question.