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Except almost none of the drugs that cost tens of thousands a year or more actually are allowed generics through the old process because they are antibody based. Instead, we get "biosimilars" that cost 20% less if we are lucky.

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Any Family history of early onset cancers or personal history of GI problems? I only ask because you are really young for colon cancer. For those that don't know, without a family history of early colon cancer or other risk factors, we currently don't start screening until 50 years old.

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Yeah. They don't pick up the phone. I've taken the time twice and talked to the postmaster both times. They had no answers for me

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My apt complex is very safe (plus my slightly eccentric neighbor has a security camera in his window) so I can say with some degree of certainty they didn't even attempt to deliver any of these.

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Scanning things as delivered is a HUGE problem, since most merchants/payment companies view this on some level as proof of delivery. As someone who has had two packages in the last month turn into ghosts (seriously, whoever got my new aeropress coffeemaker, please enjoy it) outside of reporting it to Amazon and complaining to our local postmaster, is there anything we can do to escalate problems when these packages are erroneously (or fraudulently depending on your way of looking at things) marked as delivered when they weren't?