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Could you give the definition of forced marriage used in Belgium? I am trying to imagine what would be considered forced outside of obvious situations where the girls/women or boys/men have no say in the matter. Would this also include situations where they are not necessarily forced but chose out of necessity? (yes no situation vs. Degrees of choice). I imagine there could be ways for those who organize this as a way to get around the current laws by creating an illusion of choice and this question is posed out of this concern.

Thank you for this AMA. It has been insightful.

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Well there are papers that are still being submitted and how much drugs cost in Canada. This is one of them that looked at drug costs and if it private spending increased:


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While some people may identify the abbreviations of what you are talking about, I suggest to fully write out the words in case people do not understand ag=agriculture. I know you have a lot of responses to make because this is a very concerning issue to a lot of people. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case of future miscommunication within this thread. Thank you for your time to make yourself available to us and shining light on the water scarcity in CA!

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Officials use to have their names back of their jerseys NHL. would you want that back or are you ok with having a number?

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Dear Mr. Snicket,

I hope this letter found you in a respectable amount of time. I have always admired your literary qualities from afar. However, I regretfully inform you that your books have piqued my morbid interests during my impressionable years. I developed a fondness for darker realities with small hope as I aged. Regardless of my ungodly interests, I would like to thank you for my passionate love of reading during my teens. The adventures of Violet, Klaus, and Sunny always had a special place in my heart. I look forward to your next project to satisfy my....um...desires.


A huge fan