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Hey Beto!!

Rural liberal American AR-15 owner here. I used to live in the big city, born and raised there. I’ve lived in the country the last 14 years. Until the last few years, I was totally against guns as I never had any interactions with guns there were not scary. Heavily populated areas and guns don’t mix. But, living out in the fields now, my position has drastically changed. I think people should have guns if they are able to keep and operate one safely. I don’t keep my firearms for safety or to protect my family, but many do. And many use their weapons, including AR-15s as a tool. Your statements of hell/fuck yeah we’re going to take your AR15s and AKs have sent chills down the spines of many liberal gun owners. Criminals are not going to turn in their weapons, and with your mandatory buyback... you will be using tax payer money to strip law abiding citizens of their 2A right. As a democratic candidate, you have to win rural America: the Bible Belt. Why are you so focused on taking away our 2A rights? Years ago you said no one is going to take your guns. Now you’re stating fuck yeah I’m taking them. As a liberal, I feel with your position on guns you’ve already guaranteed Trump another victory. I won’t vote based on this issue, but many will. How are you going to convince the independent AR15 owners to give up these weapons?

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I’ve quit for 28 days so far after 16 years of smoking. I’m now vaping instead... do you think this is a safer alternative? Can you offer any advice or what your thoughts and opinion are about this method of quitting? Thank you!!

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When do ya’ll think Rainer is gonna blow?

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Thank you. But my next question is how the hell do you prepare for that? Years ago I read that the mudslide could make it all the way to the ocean. We can’t evacuate that densely of a populated area. If we knew it was going to blow, how many people could we actually save? Percentage wise. How much warning could we get? Would it be like hey this thing could blow at any moment up to 2 years? What would that estimate look like? Thank you! Fascinating to hear from you. Y’all rock!

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Hi Jamie!! Congrats on your kick ass profession!!

Serious question: why did the bee get married?