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It’s an excellent point - I was surprised at how expensive it was to charge on the road. In fact, Electrify America jacked up its prices during our trip, so I opted for their monthly $4 membership fee, which knocked the price to 36 cents per kw (from the new rate of 48 cents). I think that membership pricing is worth it if you are a frequent fast-charger. But don’t forget that most of the time, hopefully, you will be able to charge at home, and in that regard, you’ll save a lot of money that you’re not spending at the gas station. Electricity prices vary, though, I learned - I can’t believe how expensive it is in the Northeast. In Michigan, where I live, I think off-peak pricing is 11 or 12 cents a kw.

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You mean the House hearing, I think. My guess is that ultimately probably nothing will come of it. Although I do think it has served to hurt the reputation of Vlad Tenev, who did not come across well. So maybe that might at the margin hurt Robinhood's valuation when it goes public.

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I was really anxious before the trip - I won’t lie! I had all these route-planning apps to consult, and I was wishing that it was all integrated into the car (Tesla does that, along with Mercedes-Benz and some others). I was especially nervous because my husband was doing the first leg alone and meeting me with Washington, D.C. I frankly worried he would have a meltdown! But the apps are remarkably helpful, once you figure out how to use them. I liked A Better Route Planner (ABRP) and Plugshare the most.

Each day we would figure out where we were going, and where to stop along the way. We did not have to take any big detours - unless you say driving 3-5 miles off the highway is a detour. That was not exactly convenient. Under the bipartisan Infrastructure Act, the federal government is spending $5 billion to put chargers all along the major highway corridors. They must be no more than 50 miles apart, and no more than 1 mile from the highway. That’s starting to happen now, and within a year or two, I think there will be no sweat for these types of road trips.

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Do everything you can to help state and local governments, which generally have to balance their budgets and which are facing massive shortfalls in tax revenue. Don't force them to lay off good, important workers just because of fiscal reasons. Quite the reverse: Invest in things like local education, transit infrastructure, etc. Those investments pay off enormously over time, and create good jobs today.

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It's becoming an increasingly popular name! I love it, and sometimes in the Before Times I would even have Felix dinners at a restaurant named Felix in Manhattan, with other Felixes. In my day it came with a bit of teasing but once you're out in the world it's memorable and fun. And it has a great meaning.