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That phrase "Turn on the news" or "Turn of the the TV" is heavy because it lets you know that it doesn't really matter which channel you go to. What ever just happened will be on all of them.

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What's your guys thoughts on the fact that right now there is someone from the Red Cross trying to do PR damage control on this AMA?

Why shouldn't they? This kind of dialogue is amazing. Two large organizations are in dispute over facts as present via the media and they come here to debate. It's awesome.

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I have never seen someone be so bad at pizza fight as Louis CK.

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I lived real close to Oakland airport at the time and initially it was a bit uncanny but the weirdest part is when we heard the first plane a few days later. Everyone just stopped what they were doing and went outside where we saw a bunch of other people doing the same thing, just staring at this lone plane.

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I think even more important than that is how much money is there for you to rely on in your future.

I had friends who did this sort of thing and all of them had serious insurance in the form of well off parents.

I'm not saying this is that situation but it sure is nice knowing if everything falls apart you can move into the mother in law unit and regroup.