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The concrete would have to be excessively thick to protect from radiation. Concrete tombs are commonly used in the US to prevent the chemicals used during embalming from leaching into the ground water. That may be what they were doing. The lead coffin was the radiation shielding.

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If I were to work in a location where my company is using tracing apps, but I want to ensure my privacy for the long term, would a solution be to use an old cell phone (with no sim card) to use as a tracking beacon while at work (and leaving it at work when I leave) as opposed to installing some encrypted software on my daily driver phone?

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What I found interesting is that she says "upto 1000mg of ibuprofen daily to manage the pain".

1.) that is within the recommended dose on the package (1-200mg pill every 4 to 6 hrs).
2.) I usually take 600-800mg at once to take the edge off of some of the pains I get from work. 1000mg is not a lot at all.

As a side note, drugs.com lists a max dose for an adult with varying ailments as 800-3200mg daily.

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It is politics here. Let's say you are a mayor and you have a yearly budget to pave roads. You can choose either asphalt which is much cheaper, but has a much shorter lifespan, or concrete with costs much more but last much longer. Before you make your choice, you're re-election campaign is coming up in 3 years, and you can either campaign that you fixed 6 miles of roads with concrete and it'll (hopefully) last 30-40 years, or you can pave 40 miles of roads with brand new asphalt (and ignore the fact that they won't last a decade, but you'll be gone by then). Which is your choice as a politician that wants re-election?

Also, lobbyists for the asphalt (re: petroleum industry) are EVERYWHERE

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I saw that you had 65+ years experience, and saw your pic and honestly thought you looked mid 50's tops.