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To play devil’s advocate, much of the reluctance to accept GMO sits in IP law and seed patenting. Surely some care should be exercised to avoid GMO companies from building monopolies and artificially inflating prices by patenting seeds.

(To be honest, I agree with you and I believe that GMO is the way forward in order to enhance crop production, especially in an inhospitable place like Australia)

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OP is a phony. I've lived in Oman and while it's not the most progressive nation it's nowhere near as backward as OP portrays it to be

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Yeah this is what I don't get. She complains about not being able to travel freely (clearly a lie, my mother used to drive around over there), but somehow she's got adequate proof of being intersex. One of the strangest things I've ever seen on Reddit...

Edit: In a lower comment she also refers to speaking 'Arab'. Complete bullshit, no Omani would ever use that term to describe Omani Arabic.

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Yeah, since I don't understand Arabic anymore I was buying the story until she implied that most women over there don't work or travel freely, which is complete horseshit. I would have believed her if she didn't imply that these restrictions were for the entire population.

Also, if her family was as conservative as she was suggesting, there's no way her parents would have taken her to KSA given that a good portion of conservative Omanis hate the House of Saud.

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I'm honestly kind of suspicious that this could potentially be some kind of anti-Islamic propaganda, judging from the repeated rote stereotypes. As I've said in some of my other comments, none of her experiences of Oman seem to line up with what the country is actually like.